04.04.14 — The Friday Crossword

Sacrificial Lamb
Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck, 1432


Friday, April 4, 2014

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith and Joe Krozel
Edited by Will Shortz

Eight 15-letter answers constitutes the main feature of this plodding Friday crossword:

SATELLITE STATES (1A. Romania and Bulgaria, once)
ADELAIDE’S LAMENT (16A. Frank Loesser show tune)
MARINE INSURANCE (17A. It might cover an oil spill)
SINGING TOGETHER (18A. Doing the rounds?)
SACRIFICIAL LAMB (56A. One given up for good?)
AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU (61A. “What a sight for sore eyes!”)
GASOLINE STATION (62A. Its islands are not surrounded by water)

Other across — ARM, AZOV, EMI, GUESS SO (38A. “You’re probably right”), HEX, IDIO, LAS and LIS, MAPA, RAH, REI, RIMY, ROZ, RTS, SBA, SIE, SNEER AT (34A. Pooh-pooh), SUMO, TAC, TROT.

Down  — ADAIR (2D. “Love and Death on Long Island”), AIRE, A MAN, AMATIS (12D. Very rarely heard instruments), ARIOSE, BUNS, ELIGIBLE (4D. Unmarried, say), ENCE, ESSO, EXORCIST (36D. One getting rid of possessions), ID NO, LANI, LEAP, LIENS, MAS and MASTS, MILLI, NEZ, OHO, ORG, PAC TEN, SAGA, SAMMY FAIN (30D. Songwriters Hall of Fame member who wrote “April Love”), SAMS, SCARLET A (39D. Hester Pynne wore one), SHA, SLUG IT OUT (10D. Go a couple of rounds), SMOOT, STAY IN, STER, TARED, TEN HOURS (13D. Long shift, perhaps), TERNES (3D. Lead-tin alloys), TENTER, TIA, VIRGO (44D. Labor Day arrivals, e.g.), ZEAL.


"Adelaide’s Lament"

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