04.20.14 — On Wheels


Sunday, April 20, 2014

"On Wheels"  Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski
Edited by Will Shortz

Eight automobile model names, CIVIC, SONATA, MUSTANG, SEVILLE, CHARGER, BEETLE, OPTIMA and FORESTER, found within eight across answers, along with two letter O’s beneath each model name representing tires, constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword.  

The across answers and their clues:

CIVIC PRIDE (23A. Attribute of Elks or Lions Club members)
HORN SONATA (25A. Recital piece for a wind player)
MUSTANG SALLY (34A. 1966 Wilson Pickett R&B hit)
BARBER OF SEVILLE (54A. Opera based on a  play by Pierre Beaumarchais, with “The”
SAN DIEGO CHARGER (76A. Qualcomm Stadium athlete)
BEETLE BAILEY (93A. Walker’s strip)
OPTIMA CARD (110A. Visa alternative)
C S FORESTER (112A. “The African Queen” novelist)

Other — Shakespeare’s “Titus ANDRONICUS”, BI-ANNUAL (102A. Like equinoxes), COLD CEREAL (46D. Quaker production), SCOTT TUROW (21A. Best-selling novelist whom Time called “Bard of the Litigious Age”), SLICES INTO (36D. Cuts, as a cake), SNOWY EGRET (43D. Bird whose feathers were once prized by milliners), TEAL BLUE (27A. Relative of turquoise)


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