04.13.14 — It's Taxing


Sunday, April 13, 2014

“It’s Taxing” — ”Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz
Edited by Will Shortz

Seven common phrases are given clues relating to filing taxes in this fair Sunday crossword:

WITHHOLDING CONSENT (25A. Agreement for an amount to be taken from one’s salary?)
MANY HAPPY RETURNS (33A. What C.P.A.’s wish for their clients?)
ROLL THE CREDITS (49A. C.P.A.’s advice for lowering future-year liabilities?)
TABLE FOR TWO (67A. Chart used to calculate a married couple’s taxes?)
SCHEDULE CHANGE (81A. I.R.S. update?)
EMERGENCY SHELTER (93A. Last-minute way to reduce tax for a desperate filer?)
BRILLIANT DEDUCTION (104A. C.P.A.’s masterstroke?)

Other — “There s no greater evil than ANARCHY”: “Antigone”; APRIL (100A. Deadline time appropriate to this puzzle); ART GLASS (22A. Fragile decoration); CRASH PAD (14D. Where to land for the night); EAT ALONE (82D. What to “never” do, according to the title of a 2005 best seller); ECOTONE (52D. Transition area from deciduous to evergreen, e.g.); ESCROW (57A. Place in trust); HAMAN (46a. Purim villain); HELLIONS (114A. Troublemakers), MASHUP (7D. Digital olio); REDBONE (49D. Breed of hunting dog); SAFE AREA (18A. Neutral zone, say); SEGWAY (4D. Modern two-wheeler); TELETHON (120A. Certain fund-raiser);  U S STEEL (90D. Co. with the longtime stock symbol “X“).


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