04.24.14 — Four Syllables

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Puzzle by Stanley Newman / Edited by Will Shortz

EVERY ONE OF THE / CLUES HAS EXACTLY / FOUR SYLLABLES, plus all the clues, constitutes the main feature of this humdrum Thursday stunt crossword.

Other — ANGOLA (5D. Luanda’s land), CANTATA (52A. Bach choral work), HULAS and HUSTLE (9A. Grass shack dances; 9D. Disco line dance), LIFE BELTS (11D. Flotation gear), LOANER CAR (6D. Wheels for a while), OSCAR (51D. Trash can dweller), RALLYE (48D. Public-road race), RUNS AFTER (34D. Attempts to catch), TEN O’CLOCK (37D. Break time, perhaps), TEXTILE (23A. It may be felt).


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Anonymous said...

the 23 across clue is also perfect for tactile

Aside from soccer players, gauchos have leather balls (on their bolas) but they don't have to share them (or kick them) and they are permitted to use their hands

Anonymous said...

I must apologize, the saying about leather balls applies to rugby players not soccer players who have no known basis for claiming anything of the sort, unless they are doing so before a magistrate of Futbal in which case only their acting ability is relevant.

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, the saying was about rugby players, not soccer