04.18.14 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, April 18, 2014

Puzzle by James Mulhern / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1A. “Definitely, dawg!”, FO SHIZZLE; 10. Art enabled, CANST; 15. Reading room, ATHENAEUM; 16. Timeline segment, EPOCH; 17. Reward for knocking ‘em dead, STANDING O; 18. Moving supply, LITHE; 19. Bare peak, TOR; 20. Before retitling: Abbt., ORIG; 21. “It“, GLAMOR; 22. Drop, OMIT; 24. Name dropper‘s phrase, ET ALII; 26. Cousin of -kin or -let, ULE; 27. Unpaid babysitters, maybe, NANAS; 29. “Property Virgins“ cable channel, HGTV; 30. “Out!”, SCAT; 31. It‘s often described by horses, ENGINE; 33. Regard, EYE; 34. “And THRO the field the road runs by“: Tennyson; 35. Common loss after a breakup, IN-LAW; 37. Rush, RUN AT; 39. Clipper feature, MAST; 41. It can be painful to pick up, TAB; 43. Radio racket, PAYOLA; 46. Parentheses, e.g., ARCS; 47. Slight, SNUB; 49. Subject of the 2011 book “The Rogue“, PALIN; 50. Grp. Seeking to improve No Child Left Behind, NEA; 51. “Pensees“ philosopher, PASCAL; 53. It might mean “hello” or “goodbye” to a driver, TOOT; 54. Woodchuck, e.g., MARMOT; 56. Bradley with five stars, OMAR; 58. Musician who co-founded Nutopia, ONO; 59. Popular type option, ARIAL; 60. “The Pentagon Papers” Emmy nominee, ALAN ARKIN; 62. Verbal equivalent of a shrug, DUNNO; 63. Something awful, LIKE CRAZY; 64. A couple of rounds in a toaster?, EGGOS; 65. Rain forest, e.g., ECOSYSTEM.

Down — 1. Subtle trick, FAST ONE; 2. Easy chair accompanier, OTTOMAN; 3. Philanthropic mantra, SHARING IS CARING; 4. Blue symbol of Delaware, HEN; 5. Prefix with Germanc, INDO; 6. The Congolese franc replaced it, ZAIRE; 7. Crest, ZENITH; 8. What’s often on wheels n an airport, LUGGAGE; 9. Some punk, EMO; 10. Parts of many chamber groups, CELLI; 11. Pacific port, APIA; 12. Vsually uninspiring, NOT MUCH TO LOOK AT; 13. 15-Across frequenter, maybe, SCHOLAR; 14. “Add THERETO a tiger‘s caudron, / For the ingredients of our cauldron”: Shak.; 21. “No more guesses?”, GIVE UP; 23. Blots, TAINTS; 25. Astronomical distance: Abbr., LT YR; 28. T’s associated with Chris Rock and 30 Rock, SNL; 30. Occupy, STAY AT; 32. Destroys insidiously, EATS AT; 36. Pales, WANS; 38. More than nod, NAP; 39. Artificial, MAN-MADE; 40. Relative of a throw, AREA RUG; 42. Country, BUCOLIC; 44. Hero-worship, LIONIZE; 45. Learn to teach?, ANTONYM; 48. Capital on the Niger, BAMAKO; 51. Some preppy wear, POLOS; 52. Left Turn Only and others, LANES; 55. A leader and follower?, MANO; 57. A little blue, RACY; 60. It can make you squiffy, ALE; 61. Monopoly quartet: Abbr., RRS.


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