04.05.14 — Two Wonders

Fragmentary horse from the colossal four-horses chariot group 
which topped the podium of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassos


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Puzzle by Ashton Anderson and James Mulhern
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “That’s crazy, dude!”, WHOA; 5. Drive to drink, e.g., PRIMAL URGE; 15. It’s best to stay out of its way, HARM; 16. Debut Peter Tosh album, and a rallying cry for pot smokers, LEGALIZE IT; 17. Scheme for the start of a sonnet, ARAB; 18. Opinion leader?, I DO BELIEVE; 19. Pioneer of New Journalism, TALESE; 21. “r u there?,” e.g., TEXT; 22. Unpolished pro?, FER; 23. Stationary, INSERT; 24. Cro-Magnon orphan of literature, AYLA; 25. Head turner, REIN; 26. Rihanna or Sharon Stone, SEX SYMBOL; 28. Big name in late-night TV, LORNE; 29. See 25-Down, IRA; 30. Dandy, LULU; 31. Ripped, CUT; 33. U.S. Open champion whose last name is a toy, TOM KITE; 34. Artist and chess player who said “While all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists”, DUCHAMP; 38. The end?, IST; 39. It takes time to cure, PORK; 40. McDonald’s denial, NAE; 41. The end, DEATH; 44. It involves hand-to-hand, PATTY CAKE; 46. Souls, ONES; 47. Wish-Bone alternative, KENS; 48. Lodging portmanteau, MOTEL; 49. 1967 Calder Trophy winner at age 18, ORR; 50. THEO Epstein, baseball V.I.P. known as “Boy Wonder”; 51. Last name in “Star Wars”, KENOBI; 52. Singer with the 1996 triple-platinum album “Tidal”, FIONA APPLE; 55. Panache, ELAN; 56. Where Jason Kidd played college hoops, U C BERKELEY; 57. Rap’s YING Yang Twins; 58. 1996 Rhett Akins country hit, SHE SAID YES; 59. Store whose shoe department has its own ZIP code 10022-SHOE), SAKS.

Down  — 1. “Yes?”, WHAT IS IT; 2. Certain chili, HABANERO; 3. Third degree for a third degree?, ORAL EXAM; 4. One may prefer them to blondes, AMBERS; 5. Bit of ballet instruction, PLIE; 6. Like Tickle Me Elmo, RED; 7. “My treat”, I GOT YOU; 8. Parent company, MA BELL; 9. Internet traffc statistics company, ALEXA; 10. Pleasant cadence, LILT; 11. Strong arm, UZI; 12. Joint, REEFER; 13. Buckle, GIVE IN; 14. Forever in the past?, ETERNE; 20. Up-to-date, STYLISH; 24. Like some seamen, ABLE; 25. With 29-Across, nest egg choice, ROTH; 27.Cockerdoodle, e.g., MUTT; 28. “Oh goody!”, LUCKY ME; 31. Clipped, CURT; 33.Young foxes, KITS; 34. Certain gumdrops, DOTS; 35. It was home to two Wonders of the Ancient World, ANATOLIA; 36. Earn a load of money, in modern lingo, MAKE BANK; 37. Some kitchen detritus, PEELINGS, 39. Impressive range, PANOPLY; 41. Tool, DOOFUS; 42. Fortify, ENRICH; 43. Oxygen user, AEROBE; 44. Imitated chicks, PEEPED; 45. Carnival items served with chili, CONEYS; 47. Yellow-brown shade, KHAKI; 50. Fictional home five miles from Jonesboro, TARA; 51. A through G, KEYS; 53. Duck Hunt platform, briefly, NES; 54. Historical figure a.k.a. Marse Robert, LEE.


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