04.26.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Cinderella Castle, Walt Disney World, Florida


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Puzzle by Evan Birnholz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Friday the 13th” setting, CAMP; 5. Cry accompanying a slap, HOW DARE YOU; 15. Green leader?, EVER; 16. Office addresses?, INAUGURALS; 17. Tragically heartbroken figure of myth, DIDO; 18. Some cocktail garnishes, MELON BALLS; 19. Noted nominee of 2005, ALITO; 21. Stumped, AT SEA; 22. Bit of audio equipment?, EAR; 23. Controversial thing to play, RACE CARD; 25. Stats, for new arrivals, WTS; 27. Base’s opposite, SUMMIT; 29. “That’s true - however …”, OK BUT; 33. Locale for the Zoot Suit Rots of ‘43, EAST LA; 36. Fashion clothes, SEW; 38. Team unifier, YOKE; 39. They created the Get Rid of Slimy Girls club, CALVIN AND HOBBES; 42. Brand with a “Wonderfilled” ad campaign, OREO; 43. Nail, ACE; 44. Beginning of some tributes, A TOAST; 45. Just beginning, NEW TO; 47. Longtime rival of 42-Across, HYDROX; 49. Midwest terminal?, ERN; 51. Reality show documenting a two-week trade, WIFE SWAP; 55. “A veil, rather than a mirror,” per Oscar Wilde, ART; 58. Line outside a gala, LIMOS; 60. Dreaded message on a returned 32-down, SEE ME; 61. Reverse transcriptase is found in it, RETROVIRUS; 64. “To End A WAR” (1998 Richard Holbrooke best seller; 65. Q&A query, ANYONE ELSE; 66. Barker in a basket, TOTO; 67. One endlessly smoothing things over?, BELT SANDER; 68. Cross state, SNIT.

Down — 1. Fencing material, CEDAR; 2. Europe’s City of Saints and Stones, AVILA; 3. Battlefield cry, MEDIC; 4. Abstention alternative, PROTEST VOTE; 5. “Let HIM Run Wild” (B-side to “California Girls”); 6. Physical feature of Herman on “The Simpsons”, ONE ARM; 7. Home to Main Street, U.S.A., WALT DISNEY WORLD; 8. The Hardy Boys and others, DUOS; 9. He called his critics “pusillanimous pussyfooters”, AGNEW; 10. With flexibility in tempo, RUBATO; 11. Reagan-ERA; 12. Harkness Tower locale, YALE; 13. Pueblo cooker, OLLA; 14. Red giant that disintegrated?, USSR; 20. Round windows, OCULI; 24. Brand named after some Iowa villages, AMANA; 26. High (and high-priced) options for spectators, SKY-BOX SEATS; 28. Rocker TED Leo; 30. Sc-fi villain, BOBA Fett; 31. They may be made with koa wood, briefly, UKES; 32. Course obstacle?, TEST; 33. Elasticity studier’s subj., ECON; 34. It’s canalized at Interlaken, AARE; 35. Boatload, SLEW; 37. Boatload transfer point, WHARF; 40. Mann’s “Man!”, ACH; 41. Eagle of Delight’s tribe, OTOES; 46. Group with the 1963 hit “South Street,” with “the”, ORLONS; 48. Obsolescence, DISUSE; 50. Moisturizer brand, NIVEA; 52. Cry accompanying a high-five, WE WON; 53. Treasured strings, AMATI; 54. Politico caricatured by Carvey, PEROT; 55. Start of Egypt’s official name, ARAB; 56. RENE Belloq, villain in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”; 57. Modern farewell letters, TTYL; 59. Air, MIEN; 62. Wood problem, ROT; 63. Title for knights on “Game of Thrones”, SER.


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