12.01.14 — Adoring Words


Monday, December 1, 2014

Puzzle by John Guzzetta / Edited by Will Shortz

Four expressions of enchantment constitutes the main feature of this friendly Monday crossword:

“You really ROCK MY WORLD!,” said the adoring seismologist
“You really FLOAT MY BOAT!,” said the adoring sea captain
“You really SUIT MY FANCY!,” said the adoring tailor
“You really LIGHT MY FIRE!,” said the adoring arsonist

Other — BUSBOY (30A. Starting restaurant employee, maybe), CAMP OUT (5D. Activity with a tent and s’mores), CELLO (37A. Larger cousin of a violin), GOURMET (27A. Connoisseur of fine food), LIP SYNC (41D. Mouth the words), MUTINY (42A. Event on the Bounty), PHYSICS (45A. Field for Newton or Einstein), REATA (59A. Rodeo rope), REDOUBT (10D. Fortress), STIR-FRY (40D. Go for a wok, say?), YIKES (62A. “Oh, no!”), ZETAS (47D. Z Z Z, to Greeks), ZEPHYRS (47A Gentle winds).


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