12.14.14 — Gee


Sunday, December 14, 2014

“Well, Golly!“ — Puzzle by Jim Peredo / Edited by Will Shortz

The sound of “Gee” in seven entries changing the meaning of a common phrase is the main feature of this run-of-the-mill Sunday crossword:

KITTY LITURGY (23A. Religious rituals for cats?), kitty litter
KANJI ARTIST (42A. Master of Japanese writing?), con artist
WEIRD ALGAE (52A. Strange pond scum?), Weird Al Yankovic
GENIE JERK REACTION (67A. “Grant you own damn wishes,” e.g.”), knee-jerk reaction
BEE GEE LINE (87A. “How deep is your love?” or “You should be dancing”?), beeline
GPS I LOVE YOU (93A. Comment from a driver who finally reached his destination?), P. S., I love you
OH DARJEELING (115A. Surprised comment upon rummaging through a tea chest?), oh darling

Other — BESTIE (109A. Closest friend, slangily), DANTE (51A. Poet who wrote “Let us not speak of them, but look and pass on”), DEKED (58D. Made a false move?), DIAL-A-RIDE (79D. Transportation service for the disabled), ENUF (8D. Sufficiently, informally), GOD NO (100D. “Heaven forbid!“), INSTINCTIVE (44D. Not learned), JALAPA (43d. Veracruz’s capital), LAPD and DRAGNET (40A. “Let’s Be Cops” org.; 41D. Friday night series?), MAIL ORDER (15D. Like early Sears business), NETIZENS (25A. Web browsers), PATTI PAGE (7D. “Tennessee Waltz” singer), PROEMS (23A. Literary prefaces), STOOP (45d. Keep a low profile), TETRAGRAM (81D. Any four-letter word), WHITE GLOVES (38D. Some queenly attire), ZOLTAN (26D. Korda who directed “Sahara”).


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