12.26.14 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, December 26, 2014

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Take measures, ACT; 4. Deeply offended, STUNG; 9. Did a little housekeeping, SWEPT; 14. One who gets upset twice?, SORE LOSER; 16. Thick smoke, CIGAR; 17. Ladylove, INAMORATA; 18. Love ballad from the 1973 album “Goats Head Soup”, ANGIE; 19. Way to bear arms, AKIMBO; 20. Frank Capra title character, MR DEEDS; 22. Oscar nominee Rowlands, GENA; 23. They’re often underfoot, SHOES; 25. Bobs, e.g., DOS; 26. Some slurry stuff, ORE; 27. Vessels of the Napoleonic Wars, SLOOPS; 29. Silent “ick”, MOUE; 30. Based on instinct and guesswork, SEAT OF THE PANTS; 33. Letter’s capital?, RENT MONEY; 34. Thrift, SAVINGS AND LOAN; 39. Page with many views, OP ED; 40. Most treacherous for driving, maybe, ICIEST; 41. Trendy, NOW; 43. Fitting, APT; 44. Hides, VEILS; 45. Maximum on a hurricane wind scale, FIVE; 46. Detail-oriented, PRECISE; 48. Caduceus carrier, HERMES; 50. Soft white mineral, BORAX; 51. Operation Neptune Spear, NAVY SEALS; 54. Like aspen leaves, OVATE; 55. Stand-up guy Dave CHAPPELLE; 56. First inert gas made into a compound, XENON; 57. In the pit of one’s stomach?, EATEN; 58. Instrument in Glen Miller’s “Pennsylvania 6-5000”, SAX.

Down — 1. Often-grated cheese, ASIAGO; 2. Game played by British, CONKERS; 3. Recent staff addition, TRAINEE; 4. Home wrecker?, SLOB; 5. John Deere rival, TORO; 6. Ryder Cup side, USA; 7. URL ending, NET; 8. Record holders of old, GRAMOPHONES; 9. A whole bunch, SCADS; 10. “It makes a man mistake words for thoughts,” per Samuel Johnson, WINE; 11. Given encouragement, EGGED ON; 12. Disbursed, PAID OUT; 13. Head set?, TRESSES; 15. Miss Woodhouse of Highbury, EMMA; 21. Forwards, RESENDS; 23. Psychology or sociology, SOFT SCIENCE; 24. Web-based service succeeded by Outlook in 2013, HOT MAIL; 27. Acronymic weapon name, STEN; 28. Winter underwear, informally, LONGIES; 29. Ingredient in Marie Rose sauce, MAYO; 31. Uninteresting, ARID; 32. Hide, PELT; 34. Something to express views on, SOAP BOX; 35. O.K., APPROVE; 36. Longtime, VETERAN; 37. Fabled characters?, ANIMALS; 38. Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men,”, e.g., NOVELLA; 42. Alfred the Great’s kingdom, WESSEX; 44. Yuletide team member, VIXEN; 45. Not occupied, FREE; 47. Punic War agitator, CATO; 48. Talk up, HYPE; 49. “Outside the Lines” broadcaster, ESPN; 52. Sound of a light going on?, AHA; 53. Tanyard sight, VAT.


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