12.02.14 — Exclamations and Explanations


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Puzzle by Timothy Polin / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight pairs of words clued across by exclamation, and down by explanation, connected by the first and/or last letters, constitutes the main feature of this Tuesday crossword:

ZOUNDS / ZEBU (1A. "Holy cow!"; 1D. Holy cow)
DAMN / DAFT (7A. "Nuts!"; 7D. Nuts)
WOW / WALTER (11A. "Great Scott!"; 11D. Great Scott)
TELLS / SHOOT (26A. Rats; 43A"Rats!")
BLAST / TREAT (34A. "Fudge!"; 35D. Fudge)
GEE / HOMBRE (69A. "Man!"; 48D. Man)
HECK / SOCK (70A. "Darn it!"; 57D. Darn it)
CURSES / BOWS (71A. "Fiddlesticks!"; 60D. Fiddlesticks)

Other — Harmful ALGAL bloom (aquatic growth), DEFRAG (46D. Reorganize computer data to improve performance, informally), DO’HS (46A. Exclamations often made with head slaps), ENOUNCE (52A. Declare), FEMBOT (56A. Seductive “Austin Powers” android), FRACTALS (27D. Infinitely repeating geometric patterns), ONE EYE (47D. What the wary keep open while sleeping), SITKA (25A. Alaska city that’s larger in area than Rhode Island or Delaware), TOMTIT (23A. Small songbird).

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