12.28.14 — Fill-In-The-Blanks

Sunday, December 28, 2014

“Fill-In-The-Blanks” Puzzle by Jo Krozel
Edited by Will Shortz

Eight answer/clues with the second word of the answer resulting in a new full word when inserted in its clue constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

MISSING PERSON (26A. Su___ic), supersonic
DELETED SCENE (32A. Ob___ly), obscenely
UNUSED MINUTES (50A. ___t), minutest
DROPPED CALL (71A. Lo___y), locally
FORFEITED GAME (91A. Li___nt), ligament
STRIPPED BARE (105A. Ca___t), cabaret
ABANDON SHIP (114A. Wor___er), worshiper
STOLEN ART (46D. E___hen), Earthen

Other — ACID ROCK (38D. Jefferson Airplane genre), ALOE VERA (20A. Modern juice ingredient), APP STORE (86D. Modern place to buy games), BOB IN (57A. Arrive casually, informally), EATEN RAW (122A. Like oysters as an appetizer, often), HANGMAN (35D. Fill-in-the-blanks activity),  IPOD NANO (17D. Apple picker‘s pick?), OLDIE (5D. Song on a reunion tour, maybe), PLANE RIDE (6D. Virgin offering), TEN SPOTS (4D. Sawbucks, maybe), THE TOP (1A. Where it‘s lonely at, it‘s said).


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