12.22.14 — Xing

Monday, December 22, 2014

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel / Edited by Will Shortz

PED XING (39A. Something often seen on a street corner, briefly … or, literally something seen in each corner of this puzzle) along with PED crossing PED in the four corners as mentioned constitutes the interrelated group of this clever Monday crossword:

SHARP EDGE and PEDRO (17A. What a whetstone gives a knife; 15D. Martinez with three Cy Young Awards)
SPED AWAY and IMPEDIMENT (19A. Hurriedly left by car; 3D. Roadblock)
STAMPEDE and BRAKE PEDAL (58A. Panicky onrush; 30D. It may bring you to a screeching halt)
PIPE DREAM and HOPED (62A. Wishful fantasy; 47D. Had aspirations)

Other — DUE DATE (4D. What a pregnant woman or a library book has), ELECTRIC (40D. Thrilling), Dadaist Max ERNST, Dame JUDI Dench, MEDIAN (21A. Highway divider), ORCS (51A. Ugly Middle-earth creatures), PARMESAN (9D. Cheese to sprinkle on spaghetti), SCAMP (67A. Rapscallion), SERPICO (45D. Title cop played by Al Pacino in 1973), SNIT (24A. Pique performance?).


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