12.20.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Reggie Rockstone ... pioneer of hiplife,
Africa's homemade take on hip-hop


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der and Ian Livengood
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Where much grass grows, POT FARMS; 9. Moolah, WAMPUM; 15. Jazz/funk fusion genre, AFROBEAT; 16. Creature with a crest, IGUANA; 17. Enterprise headquarters, STAR BASE: 18. Tap, CALL ON; 19. Place for a sucker, TENTACLE; 20. Faiths, CREEDS; 21. Rosetta Stone symbol, ANKH; 22. Betty’s sister on “Ugly Betty”, HILDA; 24. One ferried by Charon, SOUL; 25. Plato portrayer in “Rebel Without a Cause”, MINEO: 26. Org. seeking to catch 11-Down, DEA; 27. Cork’s place, maybe, POPGUN; 31. Tameness, DOCILITY; 35. In abundance, APLENTY; 37. “Le Bourgeois Gentlhomme” playwright, MOLIERE; 38. Positive response to “How ya doin’?”, REAL GOOD; 40. Sherlock Holmes cover-up?, ULSTER; 41. Rugby four-pointer, TRY; 41. Flying female fighters in W.W. II, WASPS;44. Orange side dish, YAMS; 46. Hip, with “in”, CLUED; 47. Lolcats, e.g., MEME; 51. Kind of bullet, TRACER; 53. Before making one’s debut?, PRENATAL; 55. Photoshop command, ROTATE; 56. Cross words?, HATE MAIL; 57. Tip-offs, maybe, ALERTS; 58. Nexus 7 rival, IPAD MINI; 59. “No doubt!”, YES YES; 60. Important figure in business, NET SALES.

Down — 1. Tagliatelle, e.g., PASTA; 2. A lot, OFTEN; 3. One delivering a knockout, informally, TRANK; 4. Into the open, FORTH; 5. Ones repeating “ do” in 1976?, ABBA; 6. Access, as a pocket, REACH INTO; 7. Literary/film critic Janet MASLIN; 8. Girded, STEELED; 9. Practice with the Book of Shadows, WICCA; 10. Stabilizing kitchen supply, AGAR; 11. See 26-Across, MULES; 12. Faddish food regimen, PALEO DIET; 13. Italian count?, UNO DUE TRE; 14. Murderer, MANSLAYER; 23. Dr. DOOM (archenemy of the Fantastic Four); 25. MUNG bean; 27. Caterer’s preparation, PARTY TRAY; 28. Figaro, e.g., OPERA ROLE; 29. Ones with recess appointments?, PLAYMATES; 30. What keeps a part apart?, GEL; 32. Power outage?, COUP D’ETAT; 33. Shangri-la’s lack, ILLS; 34. Symbol of purity, in Lille, LIS; 36. Caterwaul, YOWL; 39. Heir apparent to a French king, DAUPHIN; 43. Wear for Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, SERAPE; 45. Blood-curdling, SCARY; 46. Garden CRESS; 47. Her “little baby love clambake,” in a 1967 Elvis song, MAMMA; 48. Cyber Monday activity, ET AL; 49. Home for Deer Isle and Moosehead Lake, MAINE; 50. Dock ELLIS, Pirate who claimed to have thrown a no-hitter on LSD; 52. Novel’s end?, ETTE; 54. “NEDS Declassified” (old Nickelodeon show).


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