12.05.14 — The Friday Crossword


Friday, December 5, 2014

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Perish the thought!”, GOD I HOPE NOT; 12. Many a delivery participant, DAD; 15. It has a “Complete My Album” service, ITUNE STORE; 16. It’ll slow down traffic, ICE; 17. He played Maxwell Smart in 2008, STEVE CARELL; 18. Energy, VIM; 19. Idée origin, TETE; 20. The end of Samson?, ITE; 21. “Absolutely”, YES I DO; 23. Ingredients in bowstring waxes, ROSINS; 25. Marks, as a box, XES IN; 26. One-sixth of diciotto, TRE; 27. What may drop in disbelief, JAW; 30. Certain union member, WIFE; 31. Show signs of life, STIR; 33. Kind of acid used in fireproofing, BORIC; 35. “Encore!”, BIS; 36. Made a comeback, say, TURNED THE TABLES; 39. Greenwich-to-New Haven dir., ENE; 40. They might come with trains, GOWNS; 41. Old show horse, MR ED; 42. Athletic conf. for Umass, A-TEN; 44. Title bird in a Rimsky-Korsakov opera, COQ; 45. One may be smoked out, BEE; 46. “If I Were a Carpenter” singer, DARIN; 48. Province: Canada :: OBLAST : Russia; 51. Part of a large kingdom, ANIMAL; 53. Umami source, briefly, MSG; 54. 16-season N.H.L.’er THEO Fleury; 56. Start to sense?, NON; 57. Totally break up, DIE LAUGHING; 60. One smoked, informally, CIG; 61. Renowned long jumper, EVEL KNIEVEL; 62. Causes of street rumbles?, ELS; 63. National coming-out day?, RELEASE DATE.

Down — 1. Drift, GIST; 2. Furry oyster cracker, OTTER; 3. By dint of, DUE TO; 4. Get a share of, say, INVEST IN; 5. Chuckle bit, HEE; 6. Of songbirds, OSCINE; 7. They have 125 questions and last 130 mins., PSATS; 8. French soliloquy starter?, ETRE; 9. Arche de NOE (boat in la Bible); 10. General-aviation alternative to Le Bourget, ORLY; 11. Early text messager, TELEX; 12. Like any number by itself, DIVISIBLE; 13. Soured, ACIDIFIED; 14. Succubus, e.g., DEMONESS; 22. Secure, with “up”, SEW; 24. Like “come” and “go”: Abbr., IRREG; 27. 2002 Denzel Washington thriller, JOHN Q; 28. Frequent foe of Wonder Women, ARES; 29. What “many a man hath more hair than,” in Shakespeare, WIT; 31. Browning selection?, SUN TAN OIL; 32. Aids for dating, TREE RINGS; 33. Riboflavin, familiarly, B-TWO; 34. Transport over dry land?, CAMEL; 36. Social event in ”No, No, Nanette”, TEA DANCE; 37. Rx writer, DOC; 38. Showed signs of life, BREATHED; 43. Ancient game much studied in game theory, NIM; 45. Options for target practice, BB GUNS; 47. Early touter of air bags, NADER; 48. Home to baseball’s Orix Buffaloes, OSAKA;49. Sanskrit for “the auspicious one”, SHIVA; 50. Canon element, TENET; 52. Unexploded, LIVE; 53. “MLLE Modiste” (Victor Herbert operetta); 55. Eyeball, in a way, OGLE; 58. Gulper EEL; 59. Bestow, to Burns, GIE.


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