12.15.14 — S to P

Monday, December 15, 2014

Puzzle by Zhouqin Burnikel and Dennis Ryall
Edited by Will Shortz

STOP [S to P] (69A. “Freeze!” … or, when broken into three parts, how the answer for each of the six starred clues goes), along with the six starred clues and their answers, constitutes the main feature of this fairly likeable Monday crossword:

SLAP (1A. *Obstetrician’s action on a newborn’s behind)
SKINNY DIPPING (20A. *Go swimming in one’s birthday suit)
SKI TRIP (40A. *Visit to Vail, maybe)
STEEL TRAP (56A. *Sharp mind, figuratively)
SUMMER CAMP (61A. *Setting for “Meatballs” or “Friday the 13th”)

Other — STP (36D. Indy letters), ALFA ROMEO (34D. Sports car with a Spider model), RACE AHEAD (11D. Quickly take the lead).


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