12.16.14 — The Bee Gees

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Puzzle by Joel D. Lafargue / Edited by Will Shortz

THE BEE GEES (60A. Trio whose members start 17-, 26- and 44-Across), GIBB (66A. Last name of 60-Across), along with BARRY, ROBIN and MAURICE constitute the main feature of this neat Tuesday crossword:

BARRY WHITE (17A. R&B singer backed by the Love Unlimited Orchestra)
ROBIN WILLIAMS (26A. Late comic genius)
MAURICE SENDAK (44a. Chldren’s author/illustrator with a National Medal of Arts)

Other — Jane ADDAMS, ANSELM (9D. Canterbury saint), BULL MARKET (28d. Something you won‘t see many bears in), CANTEENS (21A. Thermos alternatives), DO OK (33A. Scrape by); EARTH (14A. Wod after Mother or Google), GEWGAW (5d. Showy trinket), HARD TASK (51A. No easy chore), KEPI 53D, French army headwear), NERD, (3D. One whose favorite website is Sporcle, say), SAPOR (63A. Flavor), SKIN (19A. Banana discard), SUPERB  (47D. Top-notch), TAKE A STAND (10D. Declare something boldly).


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