12.27.14 — Enter Sandman

Mariano Rivera taking the field
to Metallica's "Enter Sandman"


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Puzzle by David Phillips / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Clichéd sequel catchphrase, HE’S BACK; 8. Economist who wrote “An Essay on the Principle of Population,” 1798, MALTHUS; 15. Like Rome, supposedly, ETERNAL; 16. How one might play a love ballad, AMOROSO; 17. 19-season Yankee MARIANO Rivera; 18. Batting targets, PIÑATAS; 19. Batting targets, PITCHES; 20. Go on foot, LEG IT; 21. Assuage, SLAKE; 22. Any miss, SHE; 24. Manchester man, BLOKE; 27. With 46-Down, common canvas coater, OIL; 29. Red three-year-old of TV, ELMO; 31. “Verily”, ‘TIS; 32. Event with the categories Best Kiss and Best Fight, MTV MOVIE AWARDS; 36. Raced, TORE; 37. Savage, FERAL; 38. Ninny, DODO; 39. With 42-Across, 2001 video game set in Liberty City, GRAND THEFT AUTO; 42. See 39-Across, III; 43. Senate majority group, maybe?, AYES; 44. Ascension Isl. Setting, ATL; 45. Quite like, FANCY; 47. Slush for eds. to wade through, MSS; 49. They can get excited, ATOMS; 53. “Damn Yankees” Tony Winner, FOSSE; 55. “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” novelist, LARSSON; 57. Dressing type, ITALIAN; 59. Popular pop-up preventer, AD-AWARE; 60. Ninnylike, MORONIC; 61. Above all others, MAXIMAL; 62. Without even cracking a smile, say, STERNLY; 63. Big name in air circulation?, SKYMALL.

Down — 1. Some rope, HEMPS; 2. Net sales, E-TAIL; 3. Comfortaire competitor, SERTA; 4. Place for a Neapolitan pizza, BRICK OVEN; 5. Home to “The Happiest Place on Earth”, ANAHEIM; 6. Quaint stage dancing accessory, CANE; 7. Supermodel Karlie KLOSS; 8. 11-pointed national symbol, MAPLE LEAF; 9. Mon AMIE; 10. It may be drawn in a forest, LONGBOW; 11. A dog may pick one up, TRAIL; 12. Turned on, HOT TO TROT; 13. Its seal has an olive branch, USA; 14. Sign of trouble, SOS; 23. Brooke Astor, e.g., HEIRESS; 25. Bud, KIDDO; 26. Standard offshoot, ESSO; 28. Like many ideals, LOFTY; 30. Its one-euro coin depicts a cross, MALTA; 32. Elaborate underground complex in “The Lord  of the Rings”, MORIA; 33. Limited expense?, TRAIN FARE; 34. Fire, VEHEMENCY; 35. Sister of Cartoon Network, ADULT SWIM; 36 Office whoop, TGIF; 40. “The best value under the sun” sloganeer, DAYS INN; 41. Serene calmness, ATARAXY; 46. See 27-Across, COLOR; 48. Comes to a sudden close?, SLAMS; 50. First name of a 10-year manhunt, OSAMA; 51. MORAL support; 52. Tackle box accessory, SNELL; 54. Junk mover, SAIL; 56. Alaskan island or its principal town, ADAK; 57. Pre-texts?, IMS; 58. Playskool product tester, TOT.


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