12.09.14 — Shoes


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Puzzle by Paul Hunsberger / Edited by Will Shortz

SHOE (67A. Item depicted by this puzzle’s circled letters), along with SOLE, ARCH, SOLE, TOE, TONGUE and LACES in circled letters outlining a shoe (with a wad of GUM stuck to the bottom of the shoe), constitutes the interrelated group of this humorous Tuesday crossword.

Other — BLANCHE (51A. One of the “Golden Girls” girls),  COLLEGE MEN (30D. Fraternity members, e.g.), DEVALUED (41D. Like weak currencies), D LEAGUE (7D. N.B.A. farm system, informally), DOODLER (40A. Quick sketch artist?), EERS and EERO, EGG CELL and OVA (25A. Fallopian tube traveler; 60D. Egg: Prefix), EVEREST (37A. Subject of the 1997 best seller “Into Thin Air”), HERNIA (20A. Medical rupture), IN THE EVENT (3D. Supposing [that]), O HENRY (48D. William Sydney Porter’s pen name) RESALE and RESOLE (34D. “Gently used” transaction), 56A. Fix, as a cobbler might), STREAMER (4D. Bit of party décor).

Using the shoes...

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