12.19.14 — More Is Less

John Howard Davies as Oliver Twist
in the 1948 film by David Lean


Friday, December 19, 2014

Puzzle by Brad Wilbur and Doug Peterson
Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. There’s the rub!, SPA; 4. Novel subtitled “The Parish Boy’s Progress”, OLIVER TWIST; 15. Lot, TON; 16. Underground waves?, PIRATE RADIO; 17. Animal on the Michigan state flag, ELK; 18. Is beyond compare, STANDS ALONE; 19. Plea opener, NOLO; 21. Heading from Okla. City to Tulsa, ENE; 22. Gown maker’s supply, TULLES; 23. Tests that accommodate claustrophobes, OPEN MRIS; 25. “Ella giammai m’AMO” (Verdi aria); 26. Pretend to be, POSE AS; 27. Casts a wide net?, TRAWLS; 30. Rarin’ to go, ANTSY; 31. Lot, maybe, ACRE; 33. Tiresias in “Oedipus Rex,”, e.g., SEER; 35. Heading: Abbr., DIR; 36. Major media event of ‘95, O J TRIAL; 39. “Star Wars” boy, informally, ANI; 40 Vacuum maintainer, SEAL; 42. “Scimitar-horned” creature, ORYX; 43. Find a spot for, say, ADD IN; 45. Flowering shrub whose name comes from the Greek for “coil”, SPIREA; 47. Chorus of approval, BRAVOS; 48. Big name n chips, NEC; 49. Play house?, TOY STORE; 51. Coin with a picture of un rey, PESETA; 54. About 28% of the U.N.: Abbr., AFR; 55. Indigestion cause, ACID; 56. Fictional school bully with henchmen named Crabbe and Goyle, DRACO MALFOY; 59. Volume 1 starter, maybe, A TO; 60. Practice swizzles and twizzles, say, FIGURE SKATE; 61. Dr. Watson portrayer on CBS’s “Elementary”, LIU; 62. Track star of 1977, SEATTLE SLEW; 63. Craft that must overcome wave drag, n brief, SST.

Down — 1. Quaint office supply, STENOPADS; 2. Ones involved in horseplay?, POLO PONIES; 3. Stiletto attachment, ANKLE STRAP; 4. Ending with psy-; OPS; 5. Some bottled water purchases, LITERS; 6. Almost any character n Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater”, RAN; 7. Turbine blades, VANES; 8. Gate approx., ETD; 9. Where you might see someone walk the dog, REST AREA; 10. TRAUMA center; 11. Indulges oneself, in a way, WALLOWS; 12. Fan fixation, IDOL; 13. 0, for 180 degrees, SINE; 14. Tips of wingtips, TOES; 20. Common notes, ONES; 24. Subway option, MAYO; 27. Cereal that reverted to spherical shapes n 2007, TRIX; 28. Frontman’s assignment, LEAD VOCALS; 29. Certain drop in motivation, SENORITIS; 31. Gillette brand, ATRA; 32. “Extra! Extra!,” e.g., CRY; 34. No longer sudsy, say, RINSED OUT; 37. Pack animal?, JOE CAMEL; 38. Never-seen neighbor on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, LARS; 41. Black-and-white engraving, LINE CUT; 44. Table filler, DATA; 46. Shoot back, RETORT; 47. Mechanically, BY ROTE; 49. Part of SALT, TALKS; 50. Some haggis ingredients, OFFAL; 51. Many email attachments, PDFS; 52. County name in three states, ERIE; 53. Novel format, SAGA; 57. Enzyme suffix, ASE; 58. Tree whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabet, YEW.


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