12.30.14 — Loop-the-Loop


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler / Edited by Will Shortz

LOOP DE LOOP DE LOOP (41A. Maneuver for slot car racers or stunt pilots, as suggested by this puzzle’s circled letters), along with eight 2×2 boxes containing circled squares that spell out LOOP with the “loop” going two full times if the 2×2 boxes are followed around the grid, constitutes the main feature of this agreeable Tuesday crossword.

Other — CANOODLE (9D. Kiss and cuddle), DIET PLAN (42D. Schedule for take-off?), HERAT (51D. Western Afghan city), HMONG (69A. Ethnic group of Southeast Asia), IRONIST (45A. Jonathan Swift, for one), LAB ROOMS (43D. Parts of chemistry buildings), MICE (3D. Victims of the farmer’s wife), ORBITS (48A. Goes around), POMPOMS (24A. Cheerleaders’ handfuls), POOL PUMP (4D. Certain water circulator), RED TOP (32D. Common grass variety named for its color), RUMPLE (10D. Dishevel, as bed linen), TARHEEL (34A. North Carolinian).


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Greece is usually not considered part of the Balkans. See