12.07.14 — Holdup Man


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

ATLAS (102D. Mythological figure hinted at by the answers to the eight starred clues as well as this puzzle's design), eight asterisked clues, and a center section meant to represent the world (isolated from the rest of the puzzle) constitutes the main feature of this cumbersome Sunday crossword:

SUPPORTING ACTOR (23A. *One who’s not leading)
BRACE YOURSELF (29A. *”I have some bad news …”)
HEAVY-DUTY (69A. *Very durable)
UPPER BACK PAIN (100A. *What a massage may relieve)
SHOULDER THE LOAD (114A. *Not shirk a difficult task)
PILLAR OF STRENGTH (16D. *Comfort provider during difficult times)
MR OLYMPIA (45A. *Arnold Schwarzenegger, once)
WEIGHT OF THE WORLD (37D. *Crushing burden)

Other — ACAI BERRY (19A. “Superfood“ used in smoothies), Warrant ADLER, Pasquale AMATO, BRASI (80D. “The Godfather” enforcer who “sleeps with the fishes”), BEER STEIN (43D. Something handled in a bar), DEEP WEB (78A. Content that’s hard for a search engine to access), EKBERG (96D. “La Dolce Vita” actress), ERIN MORAN (48D. She played Joanie on “Joanie Loves Chacki”), FREEBIE (42A. Bread at a restaurant, typically), HONALEE (52D. Puff the Magic Dragon’s land), PO BOX NO (58A. Middle line of many an address), OPERON (97D. Coordinated gene cluster), RED LETTER (38D. Having special significance), ROBOT-SUMO (119A. Engineers competition set in a ring).


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