12.06.14 — The Saturday Crossword

in Rochester, N.Y., photo by Juliana Muniz 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Puzzle by Josh Knapp / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Site of a 1789 rebellion, HMS BOUNTY; 10. Nickname for a lanky guy, SLIM; 14. Classic brewing ingredient, EYE OF NEWT; 15. It can wrap things up, TWINE; 16. Nursery bagful, PLANT FOOD; 17. Gap  competitor, H AND M; 18. Chided, with “off”, TOLD; 19. “No Exit” has one, ACT; 20. Cloth with tears in it?, HANKIE; 21. Enterprise adversary, AVIS; 22. Dimwitted title character of a 2001 comedy, ZOOLANDER; 24. Burrow, say, DEN; 25. Deodorant brand, MENNEN; 26. Middle marker?, IDES; 28. Boon, GODSEND; 29. Four-time Pro Bowler Michael VICK; 30. It might give you a buzz, ALARM; 33. Score in Italy, VENTI; 34. Meh, SO-SO; 35. Gives one’s approval, BLESSES; 40. Law enforcers, slangily, POPO; 41. Puma, for one, BIG CAT; 42. Dig, JAB; 45. Bygone Asian dynast, KIM JONG-IL; 47. “The Bicycle Thief” setting, ROME; 48. Giant article of clothing?, JERSEY; 49. Like soon-to-be-frescoed plaster, WET; 50. Contend, AVER; 51. Number one number two, ADAMS; 52. Songlike, CANTABILE; 54. Ends of some board meetings?, MATES; 55. Some end-of-the-year dramas, informally, OSCAR BAIT; 56. Bygone bomber whose name is a call in bingo, B-TEN; 57. First Fox show to finish in Nielsen’s top 20 for a season, THE X-FILES.

Down — 1. The “Harry Potter” books, e.g., HEPTAD; 2. “Darling”, MY LOVE; 3. Give no escape, SEAL IN; 4. Investment category, BONDS; 5. “Jesters do OFT prove prophets”: “King Lear”; 6. Serene, UNFAZED; 8. Some righties, for short?, NEOCONS; 8. Like most semaphore flags, TWO-TONE; 9. Abbr. among stock listings, YTD; 10. Elegant pool maneuvers, SWAN DIVES; 11. Job-hunter’s aid, LINKEDIN; 12. Glancing, INDIRECT; 13. Twitter trending topic, maybe, MEME; 15. Other THAN; 20. Assistance, HAND; 23. Author LEN Deighton; 25. What everyone has at birth, MOM; 27. One of a sporting pair, SKI; 28. Union attendants, GROOM'S MEN; 30. Death on the Nile creator?, ASP; 31. Considered, LOOKED AT; 32. What Eliza didn’t do for ‘enry ‘iggins?, ASPIRATE; 33. One calling the shots?, VET; 35. Certain street dancer, in slang, B-BOY; 36. Director Justin LIN of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise; 37. Mixture brushed onto pastry dough before baking, EGGWASH; 38. “The poetry of reality,” per Richard Dawkins, SCIENCE; 39. Gandhi marched to the sea to protest one, SALT TAX; 42. Full of high spirits, JOVIAL; 43. 2001 French film that was nominated for five Academy Awards, AMELIE; 44. Green BERETS; 46. The new girl on TV’s “New Girl”, JESS; 47. Wedding party, sometimes, RABBI; 48. Hinge holder, JAMB; 52. Something that may be rolled out for company, COT; 53. Newfoundland cry, ARF.


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