12.10.14 — Elementary

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Puzzle by Tom McCoy / Edited by Will Shortz

In this witty Wednesday crossword, writers known by their first and middle initials and, of course, their last names, have their  initials which match an element substituted with the element’s name:

(20A. “The Sword in the Stone” author, to a chemist?), T. H. White 
(34A. “The African Queen author, to a chemist?), C. S. Forester 
(43A. “The Children of Men” author, to a chemist?), P. D. James 
(58A. “The Island of Dr. Moreau” author, to a chemist?), H. G. Wells 

Other — DEBRIEFED (6D. Followed up with after recon), DRAWERS (9D. BVDs, e.g.), DWARF (9A. Bonsai, e.g.), DYLAN  (55D. About whom Obama said “There is not a bigger giant in the history of American music“), GENIE (52D. Something to be rubbed out), JAWLINE (47D. Important feature for a male model), LIQUEFY (44D. What gallium will do at about 86 degrees F), ROUND-EYED (36D. Full of innocent wonder), SHIH-TZU (5D. Chinese toy), TESLA (25D. Notable current researcher).


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