05.26.15 — All You Need Is ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Puzzle by Gareth Bain / Edited by Will Shortz

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (39A. Beatles hit that’s a hint to both parts of the answer to each italicized clue) is the main feature of this Tuesday crossword: 

CHILD SEAT (18A. *Removable car safety feature)
BIRD’S NEST (22A. *Asian soup ingredient)
MATCH GAME (54A. *Classic daytime show hosted by Gene Rayburn)
LIFE STORY (61A. *Biography)

Other — BEST (1A. First word in every Academy Award category); BOCCE (1D. Lawn sport); DAHLIA (46D. Mexico’s national flower); MAGNOLIA (26D. Southern bloom); TANDOORI (9D. Cooked in a clay oven, as in India); ÜBERGEEK.(40D. One who’s fluent in both JavaScript and Klingon, say).


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