05.19.15 — The Devil You Say!

The Fall of Lucifer, “Paradise Lost”, 1866, Gustave Doré

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Puzzle by Allan E. Parrish / Edited by Will Shortz

Anagrams of ANGEL constitutes the main feature of this Tuesday crossword:

FALLEN ANGEL (17A. Lucifer, notably)
OBLIQUE ANGLE (27A. It’s not right)
JESSICA LANGE (48A. Oscar-winning actress for “Blue Sky”)
CONRAD NAGEL (63A. Greta Garbo’s “The Mysterious Lady” co-star)

Other — AGGREGATE (11D. Pile up); ANYA and YAYA; BOLSHOI (4D. Moscow-based ballet company); Soccer’s Chastain BRANDI; GLEAM (55D. Twinkle); ICICLE (49D. Emotionally distant person, metaphorically); LET’S DANCE (34D. Ht David Bowie single and album of 1983); METHANE (47D. Coal miner’s concern); QUELL (28D. Bring under control); REDHEAD (24A. Conan O’ Brien or chuck Norris, e.g.); UGG and UGH.


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