05.05.15 — i.e.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Puzzle by Michael Blake and Andrea Carla Michaels
Edited by Will Shortz

Adding IE to familiar phrases to make a new phrase clued to suit, i.e., ADDIE (69A. Girl’s name that’s a two part hint to 1-/20-, 27-, 45- and 53-Across), is the main feature of this Tuesday crossword:

SWEET / GEORGIA BROWNIE (1A. With 20-Across, chocolaty Atlanta treat?)
BAR STOOLIE (27A. One ratting out a group of lawyers?)
RARE BIRDIE (45A. What the duffer shot on a hole, surprisingly?)
SHOCKING PINKIE (53A. Little finger that makes you go “Oh my God!”?)

Other — AIWA (7D. Sanyo competitor), CASITA (6D. Small house, in Latin America), MILLSTONE (61A. Unwanted weight), OSCAR (39A. Grouch  of children’s TV), REEBOKS (34D. Shoes named for an antelope), SWAP MEETS (18A. Organized bartering occasions), TEAS and TEARS (67A. 4:00 socials; 5D. Eye droppers?).


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