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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Puzzle by Jim Quinlan / Edited by Will Shortz

In this interesting Wednesday crossword, common words / phrases have a negative contraction added to the end and are vaguely reclued to justify the change. 

ANI MUSTN'T (18A: Singer DiFranco should heed a warning), ANIMUS 
CATS CAN'T (23A: Jazz players are incapable), CAT SCAN 
BUSH WASN'T (35A: W. never existed), BUSHWA 
MATH ISN'T (49A: Calculus disappears), MATHIS 
KATY DIDN'T (55A: Singer Perry opted out), KATYDID 

Other — AGORA (17A. Ancient marketplace); AKIM Tamiroff of “Anastasia”; A-TRAIN (48A. Transport in an Ellington tune); COLGATE (38D. Ipana competitor, once); CROUTON (24D. Salad bar cube); SASHIMI (41D. Fare often served with wasabi); SKIBOB (25A. Winter recreation on vehicle); TINY TIM (42D. Boy in a Scrooge vision); TOTE BAG (11D. Gift to a donor, maybe); TWISTED (39D. Injured, as an ankle); VAN GOGH (12D. Post-impressionist with several self-portraits); WAKED (15A. Rose from slumber, old-style).


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