05.07.15 — Going Green

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Puzzle by Tracy Gray / Edited by Will Shortz

GOING GREEN (59A. Reducing one’s carbon footprint … or a hint to this puzzle’s theme), along with ECO in seven squares constitutes the interrelated group of this Thursday crossword.

  • S[ECO]ND NATURE (19A. Swimming or riding a bike, for most people) with SAF[ECO] (1D. Seattle-based insurance giant)
  • DEUCE[E CO]UPE (23A. 1932 Ford featured in “American Graffiti”) with WILE.[E. CO]YOTE (9D. Toon foil?)
  • IC[E-CO]LD (39A. Gelid) with P[ECO]S (33D. River to the Rio Grande)
  • GR]ECO]-Roman with ZYD[ECO] (37D. Some New Orleans music)
  • DAD]E CO]UNTY (52A. Miami area, informally) with PENT[ECO]STAL (32D. Fundamentalist Christian
  • [ECO]LES (58A. La Sorbonne and others) with D]ECO]RUM (52D. Gentility)
  • R[ECO]RDS (66A. Logs) with PR[ECO]OK (57D. Make beforehand, as a dinner dish)

Other — ÉMIGRÉS (46D. Some political fugitives), ENGRAM (48D. Memory figure), PIPE UP (8D. Interject), SLOOP (11D. Knockabout, e.g.), STOOGE (49D. Slapstick trio member), YAKOV Perelman, prolific Russian science writer.


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