05.16.15 — Saturday Moon

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Puzzle by Byron Walden / Edited by Will Shortz

Of interest — BEATS ME (8A. “I haven’t the foggiest”); BONESMAN (32D. Secret society brother to George W. Bush and John Kerry); BULLY FOR HIM (8D. “Isn’t he great!“); CLOSET ROD (20D. What may help you hang in there?); DRIP POT (1A. Coffee-brewing device); DRUG CZAR (1D. Highest officer in his field, ironically); IMPORTED (3D. Unsuitable for locavores); LIT THE TORCH (36A. Started a movement, metaphorically); MENTAL (13D. Bonkers); MOONERS (55A. Tail waggers?); NARIS (41A. Hole in the head); ON RADAR (53a. Being tracked, in a way); PENNI (45A. Bygone Finnish coin); RED DIAPER BABIES (31A. Children of American Communists); SPANG (43A. Exactly, informally); SLEPT AROUND (22D. Bed-hopped); STINGO (12d. British beer with a kick).


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