05.01.15 — Escape Mechanism


Friday, May 1, 2015

Puzzle by David Steinberg/ Edited by Will Shortz

Seven 16-letter across answers constitute the main feature of this smooth Friday crossword:

ESCAPE MECHANISMS (1A. They’ll help you out) 
MONTE CARLO CASINO (17A. Riviera hot spot)
THE SCARLET LETTER (18A. Provider of an A in English?)
LEMON MERINGUE PIE (38A. Tangy dessert)
ADRENALINE JUNKIE (58A. Many an extreme athlete)
METROPOLITAN AREA (63A. Unit in population statistics)

Other — AKEEM (52A. “Coming to America” role); ANGEL DUST (44A. Phencyclidine, colloquially); ATINGLE (23d. All excited); ATS (4D. @ @ @); FEROCIOUS (30A. Cutthroat); GAS LOG (42A. Faux fireplace feature); HOT SPRINGS (10D. Steam source); JAM JAR (46D. Preserves preserver); JESUS ALOU (36D. Youngest of a baseball trio); JOTTER (46A. Notepad user); JULIET (36A. “A thousand times good night!” speaker); Calvin PEETE of the P.G.A.


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