05.10.15 — The Mother's Day Crossword

Sunday, May 10, 2015 — Mother’s Day 

"Literary Circles" — Puzzle by Jacob Stulberg / Edited by Will Shortz

THE LOCUST TREE IN FLOWER and WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS (3D. 1935 poem with one word per line … as spelled out by this puzzle’s circled letters; 15D. Writer of 3-Down), along with the twelve-words of the poem, e.g., AMONG / OF / GREEN / STIFF / BRIGHT / BROKEN / BRANCH / COME / WHITE / SWEET / MAY / AGAIN, constitutes the main feature of this sweet Sunday crossword.

Other — ANGELO’S (9D. Common pizzeria name); ANGERER (32D. Internet troll, intentionally); California’s Rancho CUCAMONGA; ELLIOTTS (102A. “E.T.” boy and others), FRYE (7D. Comic impressionist David); IRONERS (68D. Ones whose work is decreasing); LIFE IS SWEET (97A. 1990 Mike Leigh comedy drama); MASTIFF and SPANIEL (46A. Relative of a Great Dane; 111A. Lady in “Lady and the Tramp,“ e.g.); OVER AGAIN (117A. From the top); PEGLEG (13D. Ahab, e.g.); PRISCILLA (85A. She’s courted in “The Courtship of Miles Standish”); ROLLING GAIT (41A. Walk with swaying hips); SALIENCES (51A. Prominent parts); TULIP (1D. Dutcb pot contents).


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