05.25.15 — Nails

Monday, May 25, 2015 — Memorial Day 

Puzzle by Jennifer Nutt / Edited by Will Shortz

I NAILED IT (57A. Appropriate exclamation upon solving this puzzle?), along with the steps of a manicure (CLIP, FILE, BUFF, SHINE, POLISH, found at the ends of five answers) constitutes the interrelated group of this Monday crossword 

VIDEO CLIP (17A. Excerpt shown on TV)
CIRCULAR FILE (23A. Wastebasket, jocularly)
TRAIN BUFF (33A. Visitor at a railroad museum, say)
MOONSHINE (39A. Product of a backwoods still)
SOCIAL POLISH (45A. What a boor sorely lacks)

Other — BABYLON (9D. Ancient Hanging Gardens city), BROIL and I’M COLD (35D. Swelter; 5D. “Brr-r-r!“), LOANS (47D. What banks always have interest in?), STORIED (40D. Illustrious, as a past), TIKIS (22D. Polynesian carvings), TRINI (33D. Lopez with the hit “If I Had a Hammer“).


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