05.03.15 — Non-Starters


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Puzzle by Dan Schoenholz / Edited by Will Shortz

Dropping the first letter "N" from familiar phrases and clueing the results to suit constitutes the interrelated group of this clever Sunday crossword:

A NOOK OF THE NORTH (23A. Arctic hideaway?)
EAR TO ONE’S HEART (34A. Neck-stretching yoga position?)
ORMAN CONQUEST (45A. Big win for a prominent TV financial adviser?)
ARROW MINDED (65A. Like makers of one-way street signs?)
OISE POLLUTION (85A. Environmentalists’ concern in northern France?)
ICE PIECE OF WORK (96A. Igloo, e.g.?)
EURO TRANSMITTER (111A. One sending money from France or Germany?)

Other — AAA, AHA and ARA; ANOMALOUS (14D. Irregular); CAPO and CAPOTE; CREEP (81A. Hardly Mr. Right); ENDOSPERM (82D. Nourishment for a plant embryo); EROICA (9D. Beethoven’s Third); FRACASES (103A. Melees); LEVITTOWN (76D. Archetypal postwar suburb); Milton OBOTE who led Uganda to independence; PARABLE (52D. “The Prodigal Son,“ for one); SMOKES POT (6D. Takes part in a joint session?); UNMERITED (80D. Coming from out of nowhere, as an insult).

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