05.20.15 — What's the Meaning?

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Puzzle by Jacob Stolberg / Edited by Will Shortz

In this friendly Wednesday crossword, thrice-repeated single words change meaning when the sequence of letters are divided in a different manner:

VIS À VIS A VISA (20A. In relation to someone’s travel document?)
ABE LABEL ABEL (33A. “Grampa Simpson, describe a Genesis figure?”)
RIDER I DERIDE (41A. Jockey who’s jeered by me?)
P. I. SPIES PIES (57A. Detective catches siht of bakery wares?)

Other — ASH and ASPEN (12D. Makeup of some bats); 53D. Wood used n matchmaking); EASTER (23A. Holiday not widely observed by Quakers); LATINO (31A. Many a MundoFox watcher); PRAIRIE / DOG (5D. With 11-Down, barking rodent); STENOS (49D. Notepad holders of old).


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