05.17.15 — To-Do

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

To-Do List (Abridged), Puzzle by Joe Krozel
Edited by Will Shortz

Six sets of overlapping phrases constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword: 

WIND A WATCH A PLAY A PRANK (23A: Set time / Go to theater / Engage in tomfoolery). i.e. wind a watch / watch a play / play a prank
THUMB A RIDE A WAVE A FLAG (33A: Hitchhike / Surf / Show patriotism)
DO A FLIP A COIN A PHRASE (54A: Somersault / Start football game / Invent some language) 
RUN A LIGHT A FIRE A SHOT (75A: Not stop at intersection / Warm up / Use rifle)
MAKE A CATCH A BUS A TABLE (89A: Play baseball / Take public transportation downtown / Clean up after diners leave)
FILE A RETURN A BOOK A TRIP (108A: Finish taxes / Visit library / Plan vacation) 

Other  — Renaissance artist ANDREA del Sarto; CRIME SCENE (50A. Place to pick up prints); DRAPE (37D. Window dressing), FOOT IT (56D. Go by walking), MARINE CORPS (19A. Group of companies); SHRINK (86D. Head analysts?); WIVE (99D. Take as a bride). 


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