05.14.15 — Burst Out Laughing

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Tuesday, May 14, 2015

Puzzle by Kameron Austin Collins / Edited by Will Shortz

BURST OUT LAUGHING (30A. With 37-Across, lose it … or what 12 answers in this puzzle appear to do) constitutes the main feature of this Thursday crossword:

[HA]LFMAST (1A. Flag position); YOU BETC[HA] (16A. “Sure thing!”); [HA]NGER (23A. Coat rack item); Big BERT[HA], W.W. I weapon; [HA]IRY LEGS (56A. Hindrances for a competitive swimmer); WAUKES[HA] (59A. Wisconsin city near Lake Michigan); [HA]SSLE (5D. Headache)[HA]VE WE MET (11D. Potentially awkward question at an introduction); [HA]LCYON (13D. Idyllic, like a past time); APOCRYP[HA] (36d. Noncanonical texts); TABIT[HA] (44D. “Bewitched” spin-off); YAMA[HA] (49D. Kawasaki competitor)

Other — ABRIM (28A. Almost spilling over); ART BRUT (15D. Paintings outside the mainstream, per Jean Dubuffet); FERRERO (35D. Noted Italian chocolatier); GOD NO (41A. “Heaven forbid!“); MAD DASH (34D. Scramble); MAN-YEAR (3D. Unit of work); NOUNS (32D. All but the fifth and sixth words in “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo”); SANDLER (17A. Co-star of “Grown Ups,” 2010), V-TEN (48D. Powerful engine); 


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