05.22.15 — Hot Mess

Red Hot by Todd Klassy on Flickr


Friday, May 22, 2015

Puzzle by David Woolf / Edited by Will Shortz

Six full-length-of-the-puzzle answers constitutes the main feature of this mean Friday crossword:

SEALED WITH A KISS (1A. Message accompanied by red lips)
ALL OVER THE PLACE (16A. Like a hot mess)
BAGGAGE CAROUSEL (17A. Where everything has been checked)
TRACTOR TRAILERS (50A. They’re good for the long haul)
RUSSIAN ROULETTE (53A. Game with one round) 
ON HANDS AND KNEES (54A. Like many floor cleaners)

Other — BROAD (45D. Like dales, but not glens); EL NORTE (38D. Los Estados Unidos, en Mexico); HOT IRON (36D. Means of branding); SABADO (1D. Saturday, in Seville); SELFIE (15D. Many an Instagram); SILK (49D. Web content); WRESTLE (7D. Get a lock on e.g.).


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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

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