05.31.15 — Sore Thumb

Sunday, May 31, 2015

"Making Projections" — Puzzle by Tom McCoy
Edited by Will Shortz

Nine answers "project" one letter above or below the crossword and when read clockwise from top center spell out "SORE THUMB."

[S]HARKFIN (9D. Seafood soup base)
[O]LD FAITHFUL (12D. Attraction that operates under its own steam?)
[R]ADIO ANTENNA (15D. Catcher of some waves)
SUNSHINE STAT[E] (59D. Words below a orange on a license plate)
VAMPIRE BA[T] (72D. Hematophagous creature)
OCEAN TRENC[H] (67D. Mariana, e.g.)
DROP-DOWN MEN[U] (62D. It might contain a list of postal abbreviations)
[M]OUNT MCKINLEY (4D. Peak that's known as "The Great One")
[B]EAN SPROUT (6D. Crisp bit in a stir-fry)

Other — EKE BY (108A Barely manage); HELENA (66D. Capital city founded during a gold rush); HIBERNATION (100A. Sleep mode?); IT’S NO WONDER (23A. “I expected as much“); LIE and LEI (99D. Fiction; 85D. Hula hoop?); MAPLE LEAF (76A. Hockey team with a patriotic name); MOREL (19D. Seasonal linguine topper); ; OBOL (36D: Coin to pay for passage across the River Styx); SMARTPHONE (78A. Distracttion for many an idle person); SUH-WEET (45A. “Awe-SOME!”); TOMFOOLERY (50A. Shenanigans).


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