05.28.15 — Even Odds

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Puzzle by Jeff Chen / Edited by Will Shortz

This tiresome Thursday crossword features another one of those “think about it after you solve it” gimmicks. This one is EVEN / ODDS (33A: With 34-Across, 50-50 chance … or a hint to answering six equations in this puzzle), along with ALTERNATION (54A: Duke's ride + slowly = this puzzle's theme).  The clues refer to three different answers: the first + second answers alternate letters in the grid, for a third answer on the other side of the "=" sign.  Who cares?

CELLO SUITES (16A: Hits hard + famed spokescow = some Bach compositions), e.g., CLOUTS and ELSIE
RAIL PASS (20A: Rends + word of regret = commuter's purchase), RIPS and ALAS
CIA SPIES (22A: Cloak + Egyptian deity = some spooks), CAPE and ISIS
BLUETITS (48A: Rear + floral rings = colorful birds), BUTT and LEIS
FREE MEAL (50A: Relief org. + stagger = soup kitchen offering), FEMA and REEL

Other — ABBESS (35A. Superior woman?);  BEER MUG (36D. One hanging around a bar?); CLERISY (1D: Intelligentsia); HOT SAKE (12D. Winter serving in a Japanese restaurant);  RUG (57A. Turkoman, e.g.); SULTANS (2D. Mideast V.I.P.’s); TEDIUM (46A. Monotony).


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