05.13.15 — Orson Welles


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Puzzle by Jeffrey Wechsler / Edited by Will Shortz

ORSON WELLES  (61A. Noted director/actor born in May 1915) is the main subject of this Wednesday crossword:

CITIZEN KANE (19A. Directorial triumph for 61-Across)
THE THIRD MAN (24A. Film featuring 61-Across)
HARRY LIME (32A. 61-Across’s role in 24-Across)
THE WAR OF / THE WORLDS (39A. With 43-Across, panic-inducing production of 61-Across)
TOUCH OF EVIL (52A. 1958 film by 61-Across)

Other — EROTIC ART (37D. What the original Kama Sutra lacked, surprisingly), LOSE HEART (2D. Get discouraged), ISCHIA (5D. Tourist island in the gulf of Naples), MORITA 47A. Akko who co-founded Sony), OPALESCE (42D. Shimmer colorfully), Donna SHALALA of Clinton‘s cabinet, SHIRR (6A. Bake, as a shelled egg).


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Anonymous said...

Whether h is a vowel is at best debatable. If you said it was a consonant no one would argue. α ε i o and v (upsilon) certainly are vowels.

Anonymous said...

I should have given the argument for why eta could or should be called a vowel, so I will. While originally a consonant somehow it (replaced?) the perfectly serviceable diphthong represented as alpha-iota. Why? No one can say. What happened to the consonant that eta represented? No one can say. It is said that in the Attic dialect this pronunciation first occurred. To this I would say that in cockney English almost anything can be a vowel. ;-) In modern Greek the diphthong has degenerated into the vowel iota. Oh, well. The Hellenes have become the Ellens.