10.30.14 — Cookie

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Puzzle by David Woolf / Edited by Will Shortz

"CHIP" in five squares sporadically placed to indicate chocolate chips in a cookie, along with a vaguely cookie-shaped grid, constitute the main feature of this sweet Thursday crossword:

  • CHOCOLATE [CHIP]  COOKIE, along with [CHIP]PER (56A. Treat represented visually by this puzzle’s answers; 59D. Upbeat)
  • [CHIP]PENDALES DANCERS with [CHIP]PEWA (16A. Entertainers with something to get off their chests; 16D. Tribe of the Upper Midwest)
  • POTATO [CHIP] with [CHIP]MUNK (23A. Wise one?; 26D. Nonhuman singer of a 1958 #1 song)
  • [CHIP] IN with [CHIP]OTLE (29A. Contribute; 29D. Fast-food chain named after a spice)
  • AR[CHIP]ELAGO with [CHIP] SHOTS (42A. The Bahamas, e.g.; 44D. They may be made with pitching wedges)

Other — ARIZONIAN (32A. John McCain, for one); AVOCET (34D. Long-billed wader)FENNEL (1D. Anise relative); PINEAL (23D. Kind of gland); QUICKER (39D. Like liquor, in an Ogden Nash verse); RAP MUSIC (30A. Focus of The Source magazine); Writer John SCARNE who was an authority on cardsSINUSES (13A. They may be blocked in the winter); SPY CAR (13D. Aston Martin DB5, for 007); VERONIQUE (37A. French woman’s name meaning “bringer of victory”).


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