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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Puzzle by David Phillips / Edited by Will Shortz

Substituting other letters for the letter "Y" in nine common phrases or words and clueing same to justify the result constitutes the main feature of this perplexing Sunday crossword.  The puzzle, incidentally, contains no letter Y.  
IDOLS OF THE KING (24A. Elvis’s heroes?), sounds like “Idylls of the King”
CLEAR THE WEIGH (37A. Embarrassed person’s comment after getting of an electronic scale?), clear the way
SUNDAE BEST (49A. #1 item at Dairy Queen?), Sunday best
SARI STATE (68A. Guijarat or Punjab, dresswise?), sorry state
DEVIL RAISE (85A. Wicked poker bet?), devil rays
GUISE AND DOLLS (94A. Two concerns of a secretive voodoo practicer?), “Guys and Dolls”
NO RIME OR REASON (112A. Lack of logic and a frosty coating?), no rhyme or reason
TRUSTEE SIDEKICK (3D. Subordinate of a board chair?), trusty sidekick
CHAISE REBELLION (46D. “I’ve had enough  of this patio furniture!,” e.g.?), Shays’ Rebellion 

Other — ALBANESE (31D. Soprano Licia, singer at the Met for 26 years), ALE KEG (15D. Bass drum?), BOO HISS (1D. Expression of disapproval), HOT POT (40D. Stew dish known in Thailand as “suki”), INCUBUS (91A. Certain demon), Actress NAOMI Watts, NATALIE Wood in Hollywood, REDDIT (21A. Site claiming to be “the front page of the Internet“), RICK ROLL (83A. Pull a classic Internet prank on), SHARIFS (13A. Arab nobles), SHE-CRAB (42A. Kind of soup in Southern cuisine), SIZZLES (93D. Is hot, hot, hot), TENDRILS (65D. Climbing things?). 


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