10.26.14 — Winner's Circle

David and Goliath by Caravaggio, circa 1600


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Puzzle by Caleb Emmons / Edited by Will Shortz

Note:  When this puzzle is completed, the eight circled letters, starting in the upper left and proceeding roughly clockwise, will spell an appropriate word … or a different appropriate word.

C H A M P I O N and D E F E A T E D sharing eight squares, along with eight intersecting pairs of opponents constitutes the interrelated group of this winning Sunday crossword:

[C/D] HERCULES / HYDRA (21A. Opponent of 3-Down, in Greek myth)
[H/E] HECTOR / ACHILLES (22A. Opponent of 9-Down, in classical literature)
[A/F] ALI / FOREMAN (14A. Opponent of 14-Down, in sports)
[M/E] BATMAN / THE PENGUIN (51A. Opponent of 28-Down, in comics)
[P/A] KASPAROV / DEEP BLUE (101A. Opponent of 86-Down, in games)
[I/T] DAVID / GOLIATH (90A. Opponent of 64-Down, in the Bible)
[O/E] HARE / TORTOISE (96A. Opponent of 78-Down, in fable)
[N/D] KING KONG / GODZILLA (60A. Opponent of 49-Down, in film)

Other — ACID JAZZ (75A. Relative of neo-soul), B VITAMIN (85D. Riboflavin, e.g.), COERCIVELY (54D. By force), CRIMINAL (73A. A case might be made for one), EPSILON (38D. Leader of ancient Ephesus?), SCHLUBS (1A. Boors), SLACKEST (29A. Least taut), STALBANS (116A. English city where the Magna Carta originated), STEAM CAR (47D. Stanley, for one).


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