10.13.14 — Game Seven

Monday, October 13, 2014

Puzzle by Greg Johnson / Edited by Will Shortz

GAME SEVEN (20D. Playoff series finale … or an apt title for this puzzle considering the number and length of its theme entries), and seven seven-letter game names, e.g., CROQUET (15A. It‘s played with mallets and wickets …), CANASTA (16A. … with 108 cards), TWISTER (36A. … with a mat with colored circles), HANGMAN (59A. … with dashes on paper), MARBLES (60A. … with steelies and aggies), SNOOKER (22D. … with cues and balls) and REVERSI (27D. … with black-and-white disks), constitutes the interrelated group of this agreeable Monday crossword.

Other — AEROBE (45D. Oxygen-needing bacterium); CURLS and SQUATS (5D. Biceps-building exercises; 4D. Leg-building exercises); PANAY (9D. Phillippine island in W.W. II fighting), PANDORA (21D. Box opener of myth); PORSCHE (1A. German auto whose logo depicts a rearing horse); SCONCE (8D. Ornamental light fixture), SPACELY Sprockets, George Jetson’s employer; THORNS (44D. Roses’ defenses).


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