10.04.14 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Two-man band?, BROMANCE; 9. Blush-inducing, RIBALD; 15. Anti-spill, say, EASY POUR; 16. Green machine, ECOCAR; 17. Exponential unknown, NTH POWER; 18. “Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy”, LAO TZU; 19. Cause of a stinging breakup?, TEAR GAS; 20. Less significant, DINKIER; 21. Sonnet extender?, EER; 22. Enjoy muchly, DUG; 23. Mount IDY, Charley Weaver’s hometown; 24. See 41-Across, SAUCE; 27. Partner of many, VARIED; 30. Lambs, to Lucius, AGNI; 31. One being strung along?, MARIONETTE 35. Decline dramatically, GO TO RACK AND RUIN; 37. 180s, ABOUT TURNS; 38. Title subject of a search in a 2003 film, NEMO; 39. “Twilight,” e.g., SERIES; 40. Gets a clue, with “up”, WISES; 41. With 24-Across, barbecue finger stainer, RIB; 44. “IT’D really help”, 45. Storm designation, SHE; 46. To whom Charles Darwin dedicated “Different Forms of Flowers”, ASA GRAY; 49. Bartending tool, STIRRER; 53. In-flight, MID-AIR; 54. Mixer for losers?, DIET COKE; 55. Pioneer in literary realism, BALZAC; 56. “Servant of the Bones” author, ANNE RICE; 57. “Really?”, OH YEAH; 58. Ditch, GET RID OF.

Down — Like some straws, BENT; 2. Have prestige, RATE; 3. Org. that, when spelled backward, is an old-timey exclamation, OSHA; 4. What Gollum calls the Ring in “The Lord of the Rings”, MY PRECIOUS; 5. Nadir’s opposite, APOGEE; 6. Dove’s dream, NO WAR; 7. Aids after blanking out, CUES; 8. Slip, ERR; 9. Service providers?, RELIGIONS; 10. Statement of confidence, I CAN; 11. Musical component, BOOK; 12. Last part of “Waiting for Godot”, ACT II; 13. Was a slug, LAZED; 14. DRURY Lane, London theater locale; 20. Southeast Asian fruits with large, thick spines, DURIANS; 24. “Twilight,” e.g., SAGA; 25. Oodles, A GOB; 26. “Adventure most UNTO itself”: Emily Dickinson; 27. Empty-headedness, VACUITY; 28. Word with deep or dead, END; 29. Newest fashion, DERNIER CRI; 31. Mother superior?, MATRIARCH; 32. It’s named for a Scand. God of battle, TUES; 33. “Pencils down!”, TIME; 34. Nonhuman Earth orbiter of 1961, ENOS; 36. Trip planner’s option: Abbr., RTE; 40. More like a sheet?, WHITER; 41. Fanatically militant sort, RAMBO; 42. “Veep” actor ISIAH Whitlock, Jr.; 43. Very much, BADLY; 45. Widening agent in medicine, STENT; 47. Goggle, GAZE; 48. Gold-certifying grp., RIAA; 49. 0.5, for 30 degrees, SINE; 50. ROID rage (result of juicing); 51. Sister brand of CorningWare, EKCO; 52. Shipping hazard, REEF; 54. The U.N.’s DAG Hammarskjöld.


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