10.03.14 — The Friday Crossword

A Night of Love - Max Ernst, 1927


Friday, October 3, 2014

Puzzle by Tracy Bennett / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Ones who get lighter sentences?, ARSONISTS; 10. 1983 action comedy with the tagline “when these guys hit the streets, guess what hit’s the fan”, D C CAB; 15. “Hold on one cotton-pickin’ minute!”, NOT SO FAST; 16. Band-Aid inventor Dickson, EARLE; 17. Situation that’s gone absurdly out of control, GOAT RODEO; 18. Car or cell phone feature, ALARM; 19. Relative of Cie., LTD; 20. Exchange words, I’LL TRADE YOU; 22. Land of the poet Máirtín Ó Direáin, ERIN; 24. Doctors’ orders, DOSES; 25. Order (around), BOSS; 26. City on the Seine, ROUEN; 28. Ill-tempered, TESTY; 30. Victor at Gaines’s Mill and Cold Harbor, LEE; 31. One whose word is gospel?, ST MARK; 33. Steadiness in leadership, SURE HAND; 35. MOHS scale; 37. Corn bread, PONE; 38. Pfizer cold and flu medicine, DIMETAPP; 42. Result of equal opposing forces, STASIS; 46. Number of African countries with español as an official language, UNO; 47. Mild cigar, CLARO; 49. Pioneer of Dadaism, ERNST; 50. Auto parts giant, NAPA; 52. Pope Francis and others, ICONS; 54. “There!”, TADA; 55. Leading lady?, ALPHA FEMALE; 58. Country with a red, white and blue flag: Abbr., RUS; 59. Dianne of “Parenthood,” 1989, WIEST; 60. Musical “Mr.”, BOJANGLES; 62. Like much slapstick, ANTIC; 63. Either way, AT ANY RATE; 64. Choice words?, YES NO; 65. Combined Latin/Jamaican/hip-hop genre, REGGAETON.

Down — 1. Casting directors?, ANGLERS; 2. Horticultural problem caused by overwatering, ROOT ROT; 3. Kind of rock, STADIUM; 4. Direction from Luxembourg to Nurnberg, OST; 5. “Me neither,” formally, NOR I; 6. Response to a lousy deal, I FOLD; 7. Pitiful group, SAD LOT; 8. Sub-Saharan tormentors, TSETSES; 9. Amasses, STORES UP; 10. No longer working, DEAD; 11. Carr who wrote “The Alienist”, CALEB; 12. Company that makes Silly Putty, CRAYOLA; 13. The Hebrew Hammer of Major League Baseball, AL ROSEN; 14. Puzzled, BEMUSED; 21. Minute Maid Park team, ASTROS; 23. Ronald who directed “the Poseidon Adventure”, NEAME; 27. College org. for sailors-to-be, NROTC; 29. Musical matchmaker, YENTE; 32. Muslim name that means “successor to Muhammad”, KHALIF; 34. Sympathy, HEART; 36. Thumb key, SPACE BAR; 38. “Chinatown” co-star, DUNAWAY; 39. Queued, IN A LINE; 40. Children, MOPPETS; 43. Menace, in a way, SNARL AT; 44. Results from, IS DUE TO; 45. Onetime Minnesota governor who ran for the G.O.P. presidential nomination nine times, STASSEN; 48. Continuing obsessively, ON A JAG; 51. Bret Harte/Mark Twain collaboration, AH SIN; 53. Urban Dictionary fodder, SLANG; 56. Record label for Cream and the Bee Gees, ATCO; 57. “And Winter Came …” singer, 2008, ENYA; 61. M.A. hopeful’s hurdle, GRE.


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