10.14.14 — Job Descriptions

Hedda Hopper, Distortion, ca 1955, Diapo centro fotografico


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Puzzle by Adam G Perl / Edited by Will Shortz

Noun phrases with the first word being used as a verb to form a noun/verb phrase constitutes the interrelated group of this undistinguished Tuesday crossword:

TRADE SECRETS (20A. What gossip columnists do?)
PLOT POINTS (36A. What mathematicians do?)
HANDLE BARS (42A. What bouncers do?)
COVER STORIES (56A. What literary critics do?)

Other — BANDSTANDS (4D. Outdoor concert sites), DOWN / EAST (64A. With 67-Across, coastal Maine; 67A. See 64-Across), Twitter FEED (69A. News source), GIVE / AWAY (10A. With 16-Across, donate; 16A. See 10-Across), HIT THE ROOF (32D. Go ballistic), SUBTEXT (44D. What lies between the lines).


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