10.18.14 — Saints Alive!

St. Stephen, 1474, Carlo Crivelli


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Puzzle by Evan Birnholz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Some military settings?, MESS KITS; 9. Pants part, CROTCH; 15. Part of a bar code?, AGE LIMIT; 16. “Annie LAURIE,” old Scottish love song; 17. Atlantis section, NOSECONE; 18. Sharp, ASTUTE; 19. Car radio button, SEEK; 20. Droids have them, APPS; 22. When repeated, aerobics class cry, STEP; 23. The Joker, e.g., PSYCHOPATH; 26. Certain punch, AWL; 29. One in a one-on-one session, TUTEE; 30. With 14-Down, literary yes-man, URIAH; 33. Connecting word, VIA; 34. “Wait A MIN!” “Hold on there!”); 35. Strong ale, in British lingo, STINGO; 36. One who didn’t make it to the office?, ALSO-RAN; 38. Classic British cars that pioneered in rear engines, COOPERS; 39. They may be picked up by dogs, SCENTS; 40. Integral course of study, briefly?, CALC; 41. “The thing is …”, SEE; 42. Bakery purchase, TORTE; 43. Competition where the last one standing wins, ROLEO; 44. Current setting, SEA; 45. Scorpio hunter of film, DIRTY HARRY; 48. Noted avoider of the color red, CRIP; 50. Be full, TEEM; 51. Court star Nadal, informally, RAFA; 54. Really move, HUSTLE; 56. Oner, RARE BIRD; 59. Parts of the Navy’s full dress blues, ASCOTS; 60. Actor with Adam Sandler in “Funny People”, ERIC BANA; 61. Leave one’s company?, DESERT; 62. Like some business letters, DICTATED.

Down — 1. “Sheesh!”, MAN; 2. Big things on Capitol Hill, EGOS; 3. Former Zairian leader Mobuto SESE Seko 4. “A hint of lovely oblivion,” per D. H. Lawrence, SLEEP; 5. Modern kind of campaign, KICKSTARTER; 6. Letters with a view, IMO; 7. Brand once plugged by John Madden, TINACTIN; 8. First Christian martyr, STEPHEN; 9. Grip, CLASP; 10. “Batman” villain RA’S al Ghul; 11. Exceed, OUTSTRIP; 12. Subject of “The Word” on the first episode of “The Colbert Report”, TRUTHINESS; 13. Recognize, CITE; 14. See 30-Across, HEEP; 21. Literary figure whose name is a letter short of something he wrote, POE; 24. Native Arizonians, YUMAS; 25. Aid for clumsy thumbs, AUTOCORRECT; 26. “Stop” at 44-Across; AVAST; 27. “Consider it done”, WILCO; 28. Abandoned storage units?, LASERDISCS; 31. Say “amen,” say, AGREE; 32. Gomer’s biblical husband, HOSEA; 35. Cobbler, at times, SOLER; 37. Walking very quietly, say, ON TIP-TOE; 38. Dis whose name comes from the Latin for “ink pot”, CALAMARI; 40. Stuck, COHERED; 43. Kvass component, RYE; 46. Statistical method for comparing the means of two groups, T-TEST; 47. Start of a cartoon cry, YABBA; 48. Waste of a vote?, CHAD; 49. Wile, RUSE; 52. Order, FIAT; 53. Egg chair designer ARNE Jacobsen; 55. Xerox option: Abbr., LTR; 57. Wrestler RIC Flair; 58. Pap, DAD.


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