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“… her skin turned into bark, her hair became leaves, and her arms were transformed into branches.  She stopped running as her feet became rooted to the ground.  Apollo embraced the branches, but even the branches shrank away from him.  Since Apollo could no longer take her as his wife, he vowed to tend her as his tree, to raid away, all tempted beasts and creatures of the earth that intended to do her harm and promised that her leaves would decorate the heads of leaders as crowns and that her leaves were also to be depicted on weapons, and that she would be claimed not as no one else’s for as long as her branches flourished.  Apollo also used his powers of eternal youth and immortality to render her ever green.  Since then, the leaves of the Bay laurel tree have never known decay.” ~ Wikipedia   


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

INSIDE DOPE (61A. Lowdown … or a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 53-Across), GRAND OPERA (17A. Genre of Verdi’s “Jérusalem”), AVOCADO PEAR (24A. Guacamole base, in British lingo), PRIED OPEN (36A. Used a crowbar on, say) and WALDO PEPPER (53A. Robert Redford’s “great” 1975 role) constitute the interrelated group of this fine Wednesday crossword.

Other — ANGELIC (1D. Good-looking?), BERNINI (2D. “Apollo and Daphne” sculptor), BRUCE LEE (21A. “Fist of Fury” star, 1972), IN ORBIT (27A. Making the rounds?), I SAID NO (40D. Words before “… and that’s final!”), LIME TREE (57A. Where you might pick fruit while it’s still green), OVATION (3D. Warm response from a crowd), PALM OIL (41D. Soap ingredient), PHASERS (46D. “Star Trek” weapons), STEEPEN (45D. Make more inclined), TOILETS (10D. Facilities), UNCOUTH (51A. Boorish), UNMEANT (11D. Accidental).



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